numeracy mats - numeracy mats  
ordering fractions activity - fractions-orderingĀ a card game based on students randomly picking numerators and denominators and seeing whether their resulting fraction is greater than their partner’s
Discovering Pythagoras - Presentation for university session 5
Have I got hypotenuse for you - Presentation for university session 5
KS3 Probability Lesson – 3 Teaching Methods - Slides from Turquoise group, demonstrating three different teaching styles for a sample space probability lesson – exposition (Nirja D and Tom F.), problem solving (Jack B. and Jane T.) and investigation (Sam L. and Ben O.). sample-space-presentation-all-slides  
index of resource sites - If you want to add to this index please email Fiona with your recommendation paula-index-useful-websites
Jane – horse racing game - jane-horse-race-game
Dave Singapore bar fractions - dave-singapore-bar-fractions
Jack Unit Fractions - jack-unit-fractions  
Ciara Equation of a line - ciara-equation-of-a-line-1-lesson